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Non-Metallic enclosures

"Mureva" junction boxes & distribution boards IP-55 / IP- 65
"Thalassa TBS/TBP" ABS and Polycarbonate enclosures and accessories IP-66
"Thalassa PLS" glass reinforced polyester enclosures IP-65
"Thalassa PLM" polyester enclosures IP-66
"Thalassa PLA" glass reinforced polyester enclosure system IP-65

Steel & stainless steel wall-mounting enclosures
"SBS" steel enclosures IP-66
"Spacial CRN" economy steel enclosures IP-66
"Spacial S3D" steel enclosure system IP-66 / IP-55
"Spacial S3X" stainless steel enclosures IP-66

Steel & and stainless steel floor-standing cabinets
"Spacial SM" economy monobloc type cabinets IP-55
"Spacial SMX" stainless steel cabinets IP-55
"Spacial SF" suite type cabinet system IP-55
"Spacial SFPC" industrial computer cabinets IP-55

Steel & stainless steel control desks and consoles
"Spacial SD" control desks with chassis plates IP-55

"Spacial SDF" control consoles IP-55
"Spacial SDX" stainless steel control desks IP-55

Ventilation & cooling
Filter fans and accessories IP54 / IP-55

Enclosure & cabinet air conditioners (thermostat control) - IP-54

TCU thermoelectric air conditioners

Vortex enclosure & cabinet coolers - IP-66

General accessories
Enclosure and cabinet lighting

Compression cable glands

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